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The all-encompassing importance of a great photo

A recent study by the National Association of Realtors found that fully 85% of all potential home buyers start their search for a new home on the internet, making the World Wide Web the new “drive by” in searching for a home. Just as your home needs great “curb appeal” to attract buyers, it is now absolutely critical that the on-line presence of your home exhibits the same quality curb appeal.

In fact, a good set of quality professional photographs of your home is now the number one marketing tool that will allow sellers to get the highest prices in the shortest amount of time for their home.

A great photo is not simply a snapshot taken in some haphazard manner and put up on the Web. It is instead a photograph that reflects care and planning and a real effort to demonstrate the style, quality, and personality of the home you wish to market. Just a few considerations (there are many others) when creating a great photograph are:

  • How is the home staged? Is all clutter removed from the scene? Is everything straight and pleasing to the eye? Are as many personal items as possible removed from the scene? Can furniture be rearranged to show the room better? Are blinds, curtains, and lampshades straight?
  • What is the proper time of day for the photo to be captured? Some rooms show better in different light than others. Is additional lighting needed in the scene?
  • What’s the best angle to show the room or the exterior of the home?
  • Most photos when they come out of the camera need post-processing to show proper colors and to remove distortions. This takes a lot of time and skill but without this effort, the home is presented with less than its full appeal.

I have been photographing homes for over 10 years for my listing presentations and for other real estate brokers through my company, Oz Images. I know without a doubt that a home is not properly presented to the market without truly great photography. Please see some of my recent work in the images above. In addition, more examples may be found at

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